Freedom Reflex | Second


«Famous russian experimentalist Bogdan Dullsky – responsible for the Quest Room Project – returns to test tube with a mixed-media release, to much of my own pleasure as I’m a big fan of his work. For this ‘Freedom Reflex | Second’ he invited some friends to collaborate, namely Barandash (the visual artist who created the amazing images that accompany this work); Nikita Golyshev (founder and curator of netlabel Musica Excentrica and musician) on samplers and synthesizers; Olliver Wichman (founder and curator of netlabel Petcord and musician) on piano, and also Ray Kondrashov on acoustic and midi percussions.

On this follow-up of a previous work, Bogdan and friends create a fantastic work of various levels in complexity, rendering the listener numb and dazzled. ‘Freedom Reflex | Second’ is, simply put, an audio-visual materialization of what life could have been in a concentration camp (one like KZ Mauthausen). Life on the edge, full of horrors, misfortune, sadness and agony, but also a life. What is life when you know it will eventually end, sooner than you think? What if you had to enjoy in the best possible way even knowing you would be eventually tortured and executed? What would fill your mind? What kind of pleasure would you try to take from those moments? What would you dream? Would you dream about Death? Despair? Freedom?

There are many answers to these questions. One possible answer is in ‘Freedom Reflex | Second’. Listen to it, and watch the images closely» – Pedro Leitão

«One year ago I had a terrible dream. Both simultaneously grandiose and beautiful. The whole year I have spent attempting to reproduce landscapes of the spiritual world behind the looking glass, in a sound…

Perhaps. Which that was possible. You check up…

It would be desirable that we have stayed near to prisoners of concentration camp Mauthausen and other camps of death. In what time and in what place they would not be… Can not listen to this album… Simply pray for, that some things. Never repeated… Though… What am I to speak for it? It will repeat again and again… I have impudence pretentiously to trust in a good victory :)

Take care…» – Bogdan Dullsky

Die Stiefmutter 14.6 MB 
Tunnel 27.3 MB 
Brebis compteés 41.3 MB 
KZ Mauthausen – Den Schornstein 32.0 MB 
Chagrin partag 25.8 MB 
Le Charbonnier 20.1 MB 

tube’|mm002Bogdan Dullsky – Freedom Reflex | Second

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